Better win

better win

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Better win - Sahnehäubchen

The Lisp vendors need to make sure these application writers win. There is no reason that a programmer should know that this rewrite is needed. This view is built on the insight that an environment is a mechanism to assist a programmer in creating a working program, including preparing the source text. See Google Help for more information. On the other hand, there should be a strong effort towards the next generation of Lisp. I think there should be an internationally recognized standard for Common Lisp. A major success is that there is a standard Lisp -- Common Lisp. That is, this characteristic is a happenstance. However, AI does not provide a panacea in any area of its applicability. Now I want to argue that worse-is-better is better. It is important to remember that the initial virus has to be basically good. After several years it became clear that the process of standardization was not simple, even given a mature language with a good definition.


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